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Asistente del santuario de tortugas marinas

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La Tortuga Viva – Campamento Tortuguero Playa Icacos
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Asistente del santuario de tortugas marinas
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Descripción On-site Sanctuary Coordinator Assistant

We are La Tortuga Viva (LTV), a Sea Turtle Sanctuary & registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organisation located along Mexico’s Southern Pacific Coast. Since 2010, our NGO has empowered conservationists and community members in Juluchuca, Mexico, to protect & release + 500,000 endangered marine turtles. Alongside fieldwork conservation, our team is involved in educationally-led projects with regional school groups and national & international outreach projects.
This position offers a unique opportunity to support an on-going conservation program and gain first-hand experience in the fields of community-based conservation, community development and ecotourism. Our roles are tailored to dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer(s), eager to devote themselves to the day & night activities of a sea turtle community project.

What is La Tortuga Viva?

LTV is a sea turtle conservation project along Mexico’s West coast, working closely with local communities and ecotourism support models. Our mission: To protect and preserve endangered sea turtle species, as well as conserve future generations for the benefit of people and nature.
Our beach, Playa Icacos, is a rookery for three of 7 worldwide sea turtle species. We host the Olive Ridley sea turtle (‘Golfina’, Lepidochelys olivacea), the Atlantic Green sea turtle (‘Negra’, Chelonia mydas) and the endangered Leatherback sea turtle (‘Laud’, Dermochelys coriacea) on our shores. Rarely, our team encounters the Hawksbill sea turtle (‘Carey’, Eretmochelys imbricata).
A history of unregulated poaching has led to a drastic decline in Mexico’s sea turtle populations, with over 1 million Olive Ridley’s killed annually since the 1960s. The selling and consumption of sea turtles, and their eggs, was outlawed in 1991; however threats of predation from illegal poaching, natural predators and environmental events remain prevalent today. In low-income coastal communities like those in which we operate, illegal poaching is the main threat for sea turtle populations.
Since its founding in 2010, LTV has partnered with Playa Viva, a sustainable, regenerative-resort located along the Playa Icacos coastline dedicated to social and environmental sustainability. Our team consists of 14 volunteers, many of whom are former illegal poachers from local villages. These 14 volunteers form ‘Asociación Civil Campamento Tortuguero Playa Icacos’ (ACCTPI) - An NGO focussed on patrolling 10 - 20 kilometres of coastline each night to discover and relocate endangered nests, all year round. In response to their hard work, the local team receives monthly food aids for their families and regular tips from ecotourism activities.
Nests are relocated to our Playa Icacos hatcheries, of which there are 4. This way eggs aren’t exposed to the dangers of poachers or predators. It is the duty of the volunteer to maintain and protect each nest during its incubation period. Upon hatching, nests are safely released on the beach and into the ocean. In a little over 10 years, our NGO has managed to release over 500,000 hatchlings into the Pacific Ocean.
See more about our activities and our sponsors:
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#LaTortugaViva on Istagram
TheOceanFoundation La Tortuga Viva
Playa Viva Regenerative Resort
Perfil Join our on-site team on the beaches of Playa Icacos and in the communities of Guerrero, Mexico, as this multifaceted role gifts you a hands-on experience of our organization. The Sea Turtle Sanctuary Assistant is a core position at La Tortuga Viva, assisting in every aspect of our work. Alongside the remarkable responsibilities that come with caring for a sea turtle sanctuary, the STSA(s) will also work beyond our beachfront, becoming a strong presence in our community where they will assist social and environmental projects like community engagement, education programs, team coordination and much more. The STSA(s) will work under the guidance and mentorship of LTV’s Sea Turtle Sanctuary Coordinator (STC), Playa Viva’s Social and Environmental Impact Officer (SEI) & the President of the ACCTPI, whom they will also report to. This position is ideal for, but not limited to, couples, interns/internship positions and students looking for experience.

Conservation Operations
Support Ltv activities and the local volunteer team, train and coach volunteers, research and ensure next conservation practices for nest relocation, sea turtle monitoring and sea turtle ecotourism. Attend night patrols, oversee and help in nest relocation, data collection in the field and analysis, maintenance, improvements and cleaning of the hatcheries, campsite and facilities.
Educational Activities
Organize and conduct educational activities such as workshops, classes, or small presentations on sea turtle protection in local schools (preschool, elementary, and high school), as well as for hotel staff, guests, and the local team. Help to develop educational materials, programs and new activities.
Facilitate the coordination of activities for Playa Viva and other visitors such as hatchling releases, guided tours to the sanctuary, night patrol excursions, and interactions with sponsor group visits.
Fundraising, Marketing, and Grant Writing
Lead face to face interactions with Playa Viva guests and visitors, help to raise donations for the sanctuary and tips for the local volunteers, help to raise funds through the program of Adopt a sea turtle nest program.
On-line or remotely: help to develop on-line marketing, assist scouting for funding opportunities and sponsors, writing grant proposals, etc.
Community engagement
Organize and conduct community outreach activities, public releases of baby sea turtles, clean-ups, creation of documentaries, and other public events and strategies to engage the local communities.
Management and administration
Help answering enquiries, conducting inventories of supply and equipment, fulfilling permit requirements and application, recruiting volunteers, developing protocol and procedures, writing reports/ guides, and creating informative and educational materials for the local team, guests, and local community.
Social Media and Promotion
Engage followers and donors with our sea turtle work via various social media platforms (Playa Viva blog, Facebook, Newsletters & Instagram etc). Liaise with SEI and STC to leverage and foster new and existing partnerships with conservation actors locally and internationally. These areas can be also on-line or remotely.
Other projects
If volunteer(s) have interests and specific skills, there is also the possibility to contribute to others social environmental projects for our local communities. Projects include: recycling plastic bottles, sport and health, permaculture and land restoration. Currently on our work site, we are focusing on eco-building of dry toilets.
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